Why join AMAQTEDU?

Luz Lüdtke Miró

I got to know the founders at their faculty in the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, where they organized a “volunteering day”. Maybe you will wonder how it all started: AMAQTEDU was born in the heart & mind of two young students that participated in a competition. The challenge was to create a business, but they instead won it with an extraordinary social project. Their conviction and passion immediately got me onboard with their vision.

After that, my curiosity led me to find out more about the art workshops with homeless people that took place every Sunday in one of the Caritas Centre CEDIA (Day Care Centre) in Madrid.

I soon realized that if you have lost nearly everything in life, you can be just authentic and tell your story the way it is, even without feeling ashamed. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of having an encounter without walls, without mascarades… especially in the Prayers we celebrated in the evening after the activities, you are gifted with an insight to their Souls. 

This might be the most important experience for me.

A home is much more than a “material base” as we all need a “place to be”! A person that listens to you, believes in you, spends time with you, prays for you, that is what I call home!

AMAQTEDU means “Love until it hurts” (in Spanish AMA hasta Que TE DUela) and refers to Mother Teresa’s quote “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” This experience becomes true when you start to feel what homeless people feel. The main topic I support of the Project is to make this love growing and accessible for more and more people. In fact, I try to give my best and help, to extend the work of AMAQTEDU to Germany, already successfully finding a base in Berlin. For me the most important thing would be that we reach a significant point in the fight against homelessness. 

I have to admit that I always had difficulties entering in contact with homeless people, but my personal experience is that making art is an incredible way for them to find themselves. But also for the volunteers to learn from them, establish a special friendship and have a real human encounter. When the homeless arrive at CEDIA, apart from certain conditions that the person has to fulfill, there might be other challenges: eat and talk with others, share a room and stay at the same place in order to receive some support (financial, psychological, finding an apartment, a job etc.). Often, they come back: homeless people’s daily life is a fight for survival and suddenly they are accepted, they become part of a community again, being able to communicate and discover new opportunities. They find the beauty in life that leads us on to breathe again.