AMAQTEDU extends beyond national borders

Olivia Sintes

I had already heard of AMAQTEDU before, but it wasn’t until the time of the first lockdown in 2020 that I really got to know what it was all about. Javi, the founder, was giving a talk in a webinar and I was left wanting to know more about this social and artistic project, so I immediately reached out to him.

Why is AMAQTEDU’s work necessary?

When I lived in Madrid, in my free time, I collaborated with an organization that took care of homeless people by bringing food packs for those who needed a hot meal that day. I realized that many of them really just wanted to chat and share a moment with another human being, telling us their stories. Many of the people I met had lost their joy for life – due to complicated and sensitive reasons – as well as the motivation to get up every morning with a goal, beyond surviving.

It is crucial to support people in this situation by giving them back the hope and motivation to get up and out of the vicious circle in which they live every day, besides just providing for their basic needs. The street is cold, noisy, uncertain and changing. It can offer you some kind of freedom – depending on how you look at it – but it does not offer you a home. 

AMAQTEDU complements the work carried out by most organizations by giving homeless people the opportunity to learn new artistic skills and express their feelings through art. We give them a chance to disconnect from the hardship of the street and establish strong connections with amazing people, who offer them their time, love and care.  

A social and artistic project that can expand across borders to any city

After discovering this project, I decided that I wanted to play an active role in AMAQTEDU’s mission. Living in Berlin, I proposed we’d plant the seed of this beautiful project in the German capital. Herzlich Willkommen!

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

I believe a social and artistic project like AMAQTEDU does not have barriers and can expand across borders to any city. Urban poverty is unfortunately a reality in every city, but everywhere you go you can also find amazing people from different backgrounds and cultures willing to help and work together to tackle it.  

Since September 2020, Javi and I have built a team of 5 energetic people who are now the beating heart of AMAQTEDU in Berlin. We are currently mapping out the Berlin ecosystem of public and private organizations that already support homeless people and refugees, as well as meaningful art projects and artists to create strategic collaborations. 

I would recommend everyone who’s looking to dedicate their time and skills to a social and artistic project to join us. Wherever you are, join a team that creates real positive impact on everybody involved: people in need, volunteers, collaborators, clients, suppliers and artists.

Bis bald!